About Us


“embrace the gem of Bhutanese hospitality”

          Germinating as a bucolic Hamlet and ebbed by the invincible pressure of modernity unceasingly, we stroke a balance- scaling modernity and medieval architecture at par.   Off the crescendo of the city, by the doorstep of the capital city, all the touristic attractions are in the loop of our hotel. Norpheling’s fame looms far as champion of minimalist- we always realized that fewer are better yet uncompromising on the deal of quality. With us- ‘embrace the gem of Bhutanese hospitality’.  


Leaving no stone unturned, gauging the hotel industry for over a decade with a mind to run a

hotel, we are now ready to convey our specialty through local and international culinary art, facilities, services and hospitality.

Propelled by the minimalist approach and overwhelming dash of creativity for a hotel industry, the hotel’s design is one of the best in the country. As the staff is hired on a strict merit and for their stint in hotel industry, the room for ‘trial and error’ is non-negotiable.


Built strategically in a semi-residential quarter, Norpheling is just over a minute drive from the national highway. The road also leads to the city. Owing to the easy access to the road and transportation, our guests can circumambulate the endless tourist attractions- attractions being in the loop of our hotel’s direction. If the niches and cul-de-sac confuse you, find us through Google Maps. Even better,ask the cabbies. 


For guests seeking to romance Bhutan’s atmosphere- they can do so by taking a stroll. Take a stroll via safe and spacious sidewalk built recently. By taking a stroll through the

sidewalk, one can enjoy the rustic gush of the river; soak in the atmosphere and witness people going about their lives. At that moment, your notion of Bhutanese as laidback folks will urge you to change your perception on us. We are the happy folks. 


Caught in the clutches of modernity and medievalism, the view of the Himalayan peaks that sentinels the capital city, the views ushers to soak one in unfathomable experience of peace

and tranquil. As the hotel is close to forest- joggers, hikers, nature lovers, bird watchers can meander across the womb of the sub-alpine vegetation forest.  


Norpheling is just a minute’s drive above the national highway in Babesa, Thimphu.  


The architecture of the hotel is a seamless establishment of traditional and modern artwork. Putting the metaphorical cart across the threshold of our hotel, you are at the verge of witnessing an overwhelming interior of the hotel crafted by the locals. The local artists that worked on the hotel’s interior disagreeing to agree the owner’s idea,, he personally led the team creating unique designing ideas. Pay a visit to the hotel fir words is lost in offering that creative theme of the hotel.    


Bereft by laboriously painting the walls of our hotel, we chose white as it reflects purity,

elegance, peace and harmony. The false ceiling of our hotel is the first among the equals; some are more equal encompassing laborious artwork inside the hotel. Taking a tour of the hotel- the floor is not only wood paneled carpet, it is easy to reckon the center heating system warming our feet. Let alone prized possessions such as painting and others, our interior designer only opted for the best designs. 


Twixt yellow and green, the hotel is the august hall unto itself owning rare gallery of striking vista- canvases hung on the walls are Bhutanese symbol of happiness and prosperity while others are showcase of our local talents. 

What is a delighted grin? Whatever it supposedly means- ours is a grin off-grid, we don’t miss to smile genuinely to our guests.

Conducting the interview to recruit staff for our hotel, we had had certain expectations. Not leaving any stone unturned and heeding to the adage that rolling stone gathers no mass. Our staff is highly trained in international five-star hotels. Recruiting on merit and their experience in hotel industry, this is our strategy. It allows no space for ‘trial and error’ garnering years in hotel industry. 


Meanwhile, Norpheling team believes to serve from the heart (SERVICE BEFORE SELF) This is a trending graph galloping in the service industry. To serve from the heart, people will never lose hope on humanity and make another soul feel that the world is still a small place to live. 


Take delight in the facilities of our hotel. Our impression starts from serving a cuppa, letting

nothing to bother guests (fussy form filling) to get time to unwind the day’s activity, savor sumptuous meals with pure organic vegetables grown just behind the hotel area, its restaurant and bar ticks all the boxes,pergola, Bourne fire place,so do the other niches of the hotel. We also provide Wi-Fi connectivity 24/7, AC, booking taxis, currency exchange, laundry, and parking.


With spacious restaurant, we host all types of life events- birthday mash-ups, promotion, engagement of couples, and reunions.   We care about your sleep- a peaceful good night sleep means energetic mind the next day. All our 14-room is delightfully plushy with sleek fittings, imported fluffy mattresses, exquisite lairs, with all four cardinal direction good views of Lord Buddha and traditional Bhutanese village, also  very rich traditional iconography along the lobby and beautiful shade of color design in our rooms. The rooms are furnished with comfortable furniture and fallen-into-place interiors with a dash of Bhutanese and overwhelming minimalist approach.


By the bedside, resting upon the comfortable headrest, an overhead reading lamp hangs. We also offer hanger, shelves, safes, and a view that stays loyal in all our rooms. The water closets in all the rooms are ported with extravagant fittings with 24/7 hot and cold water. 


Meanwhile, we have all the amenities that a five-star rated hotel offer. We chose to stay minimal for the benefit of our guests. Most people prefer to spend a night or two in a five-star hotel. To some, expenses are peanuts staying weeks at high-end hotels while to others; it will cost them a life’s saving. Closing the gap, Norpheling is here to offer services and facilities of a five-star hotel while we go by the three-star rating.