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Bhutan isn’t just the goal for the way of life monstrosities and the hunger for new experiences, it takes into account the call of the nourishment globe-trotters offering a wide cluster of Bhutanese menus. The tongue shivering food of Bhutan adds to the nation’s picturesque interest, it’s deep rooted appeal, energetic societies, and conventions since the nation has opened itself to the outside world.

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Restaurant offers a scope of Continental and Asian cooking styles Indian and Chinese arranged by our accomplished by expert Chefs. Visitors can likewise appreciate newly settled on coffee refreshments and a selection of beverages.

The vegetables utilized in setting up your dishes are altogether natural and organic, freshly bought from local farms. 

   HOTEL BAR    

Bar Lounge

There are a several brands of Bhutanese whisky, however the most widely recognized neighborhood Local Made,lager like beverage produced using wheat, apple, red rice, etc. The most loved hard beverages are arra, a soul refined from rice or corn, and sinchhang. Beverages, including filtered water, are typically charged as additional items, and installment is gathered toward the finish of the feast.

restaurant and bar closes at 10:30 PM


“embrace the gem of Bhutanese hospitality” 

Germinating as a bucolic hamlet and ebbed by the invincible pressure of modernity unceasingly, we stroke a balance- scaling modernity and medieval architecture at par.


  • Right out of Noisy Place.
  • Indulge in the fine elegance.
  • spacious bedroom with a Luxury bed
  • Features a spacious work area with hi-speed Internet.
  • Traditional Village view and Mountain view
  • Buddha View 
Tea & Coffee

Revive Yourself with a Tea of different ingredients or a Coffee.


Keep news and Entertainment up to date. A Wide TV for Better View.


Work Can’t be complete without a Desk and Free Wi-Fi.